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Discovery of Romance (2014)

Nonton Movie Discovery of Romance (2014)

Tahun: Durasi: 60 MinDilihat: 77 views
2 voting, rata-rata 8,3 dari 10

Han Yeo-reum is a furniture designer who owns a workshop space that she shares with other designers. For the past three years, she’s been dating Nam Ha-jin, a plastic surgeon with a sweet and gentle personality. But Yeo-reum’s peaceful existence is shaken when her ex-boyfriend Kang Tae-ha suddenly reappears in her life. The CEO of an interior design company, Tae-ha is a smart, confident man with a strong competitive edge who always gets what he wants. Meanwhile, Ha-jin’s childhood friend Ahn Ah-rim has secretly been carrying a torch for him all these years. As she begins working with Tae-ha, Yeo-reum is forced to reevaluate her romantic history, which sets her off on a search for true love.

Tanggal Terakhir Mengudara:7 Oct 2014
Jumlah Episode:16