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NAZ8 in Fremont now proudly features exciting new coffee and coffee drinks from JAVA CITY - right inside the theatre!

Come, treat yourself to a delicious hot or cold beverage before, during or after your favorite movie!


Press - History

NAZ8 has received local, national and international coverage.
It has been featured on CNN, KRON 4, Bay TV, KNTV 11 news segments.

It has been featured in the following publications:

The Times of India

Published on 2/24/2002,

For Indians in USA, he brings the stars to their doorstep. Shiraz Jivani, founder of Naz8 Cinema, North America’s first multiplex for Indian movies, tells Lisa Tsering that watching movies is in our genes.


San Jose Mercury News

Published on 10/29/99, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

Fremont will soon become home to what is believed to be the first multicultural cineplex in the country, reflecting the growing ethnic diversity of the Bay Area.

The 3,000-seat Naz 8 Cinemas -- slated to open Nov. 5 in the Fremont Hub shopping center's former General Cinema location -- will feature movies from India, Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Korea, Afghanistan and Iran. Four or five screens will show Indian-language films, and the rest films from the other countries.

San Francisco Examiner

Published on 11/07/99, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

New theater in Fremont caters to a growing segment of the Bay Area's diverse population



In Fremont, California, Shiraz Jivani was thrilled with the success of Hum Saath... On Friday, November 5, Jivani opened his highly publicized eight-screen theater -- Naz 8 Cinemas -- the first multicultural multiplex in the US that will show Indian and other Asian films. Hum Saath...was released on six screens at Naz 8.

In the first three days of the film's opening, approximately 8,000 people had seen Hum Saath... at Naz 8, Jivani said. Over the weekend Jivani held 26 screenings of the film, with shows starting around noon, and then running every hour, on the hour.

All the evening shows were sold out, Jivani said. Naz 8 has a total capacity of 3,100 seats; it has two theaters that can accommodate 500 people each.

Jivani also runs the one-screen Naz Cinema a mile away from the new Naz 8. This August when Taal was released at the older theater, approximately 8,400 people saw the film in the first week.

"This film (Hum Saath ...) beat Taal by a long shot," Jivani said, declaring the new Rajshri film as "very successful".