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Ju-on: Black Ghost (2009)

Ju-on: Black Ghost (2009)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 60 MinDilihat: 345 views
23 voting, rata-rata 4,8 dari 10

A Nurse named Yuko (Ai Kago) has a strange experience while taking care of a girl named Fukie. Test results show a cyst inside Fukie’s body, but that cyst is actually the leftover grudge from a baby who was unable to be born. The cyst’s grudge spreads to Fukie and everyone around her. Soon Fukie’s father goes mad and commits murder. Fukie’s sister Mariko has special spiritual power, and together with their mother they have some success driving out the evil spirit. But the worst of the grudge is yet to come.

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