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NAZ8 in Fremont now proudly features exciting new coffee and coffee drinks from JAVA CITY - right inside the theatre!

Come, treat yourself to a delicious hot or cold beverage before, during or after your favorite movie!


Coming Soon On November

NAZ 8 Cinemas has a wide variety of advertising options that can fill your needs, and at prices that are really cost effective.

Various advertising options exist:

Banner or Poster in Lobby
Kiosk in Lobby OR front of theatre
35mm Horizontal slide on screen on monthly basis.

35mm Horizontal slide on screen on yearly basis.

35mm reel - Cinemascope only. 30 seconds or 60 second.

60 sec. Radio spot on NAZ KI AWAAZ Saturday or Sunday from 12noon to 1pm on KEST 1450 AM DIAL

Steps to order your quality presentation slides:

Step One:
Check you file if any adjustment needed to be made.

Page Setup:
When you start your PowerPoint file, the default setting on Page Setup is set at On Screen Show which is a proportion different from 35 mm slide. All you have to do is to reset it to 35mm Slides by click on File and Page Setup.

Please make sure that the fonts & bullets you used in your PowerPoint file are standard True Type Fonts. If you think the fonts you used on your file is custom installed True Type Fonts on your computer, you can attach the font file with your e-mail so that your slides would come out the way you set up your file. Check spelling before sending in your file. We are not responsible for any spelling errors contained in your original file.

"The bigger the image file, the better the quality" is not always the case. A image file of 300 KB in JPEG format which equivalent to about 300 dip of a 4"x6" in PhotoShop format imported into PowerPoint maximize the quality of a 35 mm slide. Doing so will substantially shorten your upload time.

It is very important to set all texts, graphics and images at least 1/2 inch away from the edge of the slides shown on your monitor to avoid anything being cover by the slide mounts.

Special Instruction for Mac Users
Due to the fact that all of our equipment runs on Windows, it is required that the PowerPoint file you send in is saved with a extension of ".ppt". For example: "myslides.ppt".